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    Life is beautiful but you know what's sad about it? Everyone's running a marathon to achieve the world but they value the least what they have. Some fail to even acknowledge that they're forever indebted to something that's there in their chest. The greed for more never dies.
    We fail to realise that in the end, what we take away with us is that little one that has been our constant from the time we've opened our eyes to make a little place of our own in this world. These materialistic things, they just won't go with you where your soul is finally destined to. Yes you need all those things, but let them be only your need and do not let them become your greed. Try to see your life in a new light. Set new directions and strive for once to become a better and a thankful person. It's never too late if you're willing to change for good. Be grateful for what you have and don't let power overpower your innner goodness. Afterall, that's what makes you a gem of a person.❤��

    It's a little lengthy but I've wanted to write this since a long time and coincidentally it goes with the word of the day yet again. I hope you'll like it.��❤

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    Sometimes we feel the stars are shining brighter than yesterday,
    Like they're narrating a love tale,
    Like they're hinting at something special to us,
    And sometimes we fail to even recognise their existence.
    What is it that has changed in you?
    Or what is it that is still constant and yet you fail to see it?
    'Cause the stars have'nt stopped shining for sure.
    Well, what's changed is something in your heart,
    What's changed is something you're denying,
    What's changed is something you're trying to pretend has not,
    And you know what's constant?
    It's your heartbeat,
    For it'll never give you away.
    It's that forever shining star of your life which'll not let you reside in the dark for a long time.
    So value it while it beats in sync with your breath,
    To avoid carrying a baggage of regrets.