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    Usually the word nastik translates into atheist in English—are these terms related?

    There’s a problem here. The word atheism comes from Europe; it means ‘non-believer of theism’. Theism comes from Theos (God). Here, it refers to the Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—where the belief is in one God who created the universe, who also gave certain rules for people which were brought to them by a messiah. If you obey the rules, you’ll go to heaven, otherwise, hell.Words may have different meanings in different contexts, like spirituality and religion. If you say you are religious (dharmic) but also an atheist, in Europe they will not understand it because they believe these are contradictory ideas. All these terms should be considered on their own.For some, spirituality means that they do not think of the world (bhautik) and worldly matters (laukik) as the only reality, but feel that there’s something beyond it; some believe in the atma or the soul, which is beyond the body, beyond the physical world. Some may feel spirituality and psychology are the same—they believe in the mind, in people’s hearts