• healing_life 10w

    Dark night!

    In the darkness of that night,
    Moon had its sunshine.
    I was not wearing glitters,
    But my eyes were bright.
    Some said beautiful,
    Others just smiled.
    I was proud to look that way,
    My smile had a reason as u say.
    Your hand was holding mine,
    You were looking fine.
    Your eyes were around,
    I thought may be on ground.
    You were my man,
    Why I had to remind?
    Something was missing,
    Or it was just my feeling...
    In the corner of the room,
    It was just me and you.
    My heart was beating,
    I was sweating.
    Your hand around my waist,
    I was trying my best.
    In your arms,
    I felt that warmth.
    Kept the world aside,
    I was on your side.
    Days past...
    I was lost.
    In the darkness of the night,
    Moon has its sunshine.
    I am left alone,
    And I am grown.
    Memories haunt,
    People taunt.
    I am over it...
    It sucked, but I lived.
    I hate you, for what you did.
    But I was no more kid.
    You played, I learned.
    You slept, I loved.
    I won, You lost!
    Get the fuck away,
    Hope you never come across.