• simplyme 50w

    Thinking Of Me

    It's getting harder & harder
    to keep my eyes open
    As time passes by
    alone with my thoughts

    My thoughts
    Circle around the idea of being happy
    Around & around it goes
    Watching my soul grow

    Seeing myself for the first time
    Seeing myself happy & free
    Seeing myself enjoying everything
    Seeing myself letting you go
    Seeing myself actually grow
    Into the woman
    That I've always wanted to be

    Believing in me
    Having so much love for me
    Planning out the road of success
    Realizing that life can be a test
    Understanding the stress

    That will make me
    Stronger & Smarter everyday
    Tonight ends the old me
    Morning begins the new

    Closing my eyes now , it's dark
    Letting peace fulfill my heart
    As time continues to go by
    Goodnight I say resting in my bed
    Only praying to see me
    Doing what I think about in my head