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    I do not go by the follow-for-follow or like-for-like system. Yeah I know it might piss some of you off. But the reason I (and maybe some of you too) joined Mirakee was to just put my work out there. I didn't expect any likes, I didn't even expect more than 10 followers but as the time went by I realized myself becoming more and more upset over a few likes.

    I think I owe it to my followers, I think they deserve to know that I only follow people whose work I genuinely like, same goes with follow, and if you don't like what I post then you're free to unfollow me, I realize it now that I never joined Mirakee to get 1000 likes or 20k followers, I was just a simple woman who wanted to finally come out of her self-built cocoon.

    I do know that by posting this I might lose a lot of followers in a few minutes, I also know that this might offend many people but I just think you deserve to know how my reading mechanism ticks...
    Hope you don't take this in a negative way

    -Yours truly

    #writersnetwork #Mirakee

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    I am sorry if this offends anyone

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