• bhooot 10w

    ​​You are dear to me,
    You were near to me,
    Yet, even when I could touch you,
    You’re far from my reach;
    There’s love, 
    Then there’s the endgame of heartache,
    An undying chaos of burning and falling from my grace;
    You were never mine,
    But you were the best thing to ever happen to me;
    You made me see and feel the light that I did not know existed underneath the glow of ignorance and darkness of the pit,
    You showed me love;
    You made me feel everything but nothing at the same,
    My heart, soul and the focus of my mind will always belong to you,
    For you’re my first;
    You stole away my heart : my love,
    Yet I could only steal casual moments of your gaze and attention;
    You mean everything to me,
    Maybe I am something  to you?
    In the glow and basking comfort of love with heartbreak in the touch,
    Today feels like forever,
    And tomorrow feels like an eternity;

    What have you done to me my love?