• pillai_geet 5w

    The unaccounted are the hapless who never got to fight for their loved one's life . They never had a say to begin with. To live with the memories and a self destructive regret.
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #rwu #mourning

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    The Unaccounted

    Battered and withered, cant further strife nor tire
    Finding no purpose ,no guiding light, just self consuming ire
    Once a blazing light ,sprung from a raging wild fire
    Blown out ;your time undue , certainly not fair
    Why? In sheer earnest I ask, trust me I do care

    A familial disturbing darkness now trails my path
    Cruel voices whisper as I lay on this thistly berth
    "What can an ugly low life be ever worth"
    The space you vacated, forgone is a good share of my mirth
    Yesterdays had more savour ,hope dwelled with more depth

    Swimming to unwittingly sink in this bleak dreadful abyss
    Alongside folk who partake in that sense of something amiss
    Pining for that forfeited moment of a goodbye kiss
    Kind words and warm hugs, had no emphasis
    Banished to anguish in an expanse of endless eclipse
    Yearning a sweet smile long gone; lost to the bane of a fatal choice.