• maitreyee4 5w

    Five Dreams and a Memory

    The Sun takes a dip into the ocean
    Spreading a vermillion hue in the horizon
    Look diagonally and you can see a little girl
    Trying her best to save her half broken sand castle from the waves
    A man passes by with a camera in his hand, searching for the perfect angle
    And there he stops, as if someone whispered something in his ears
    He stares at the horizon, enthralled by the beauty, he forgets to get his perfect shot.
    Look right and you can see two children, a boy and a girl
    Running and giggling,
    With a handful of sea shells
    On the far left there sits a woman, alone.
    With wind in her hairs
    Overlooking the waves
    As if she is in love with the roars of the ocean
    Now take a stroll,
    There a few steps away,
    You find an old couple
    May be in their Seventies,
    Walking side by side
    Talking and laughing their hearts out,
    So much in joy, so much in love.
    The waves touch your feet, and the sand recedes.
    You stare back at the vermillion sky,
    This time with a smile.
    Some moments, they say, can make you wise.