• hadith_n_quran 6w

    So comforting and so beautiful. The reward for fasting is so immense!

    Have a blessed day and just before you go, say Alhamdulillah and start your day by earning blessings :)
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    Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Joy

    It was narrated from Abu Al-Ahwas (RA) that 'Abdullah (RA) said: "Allah, may He be exalted, said: 'Fasting is for me and I shall reward for it. The fasting person has two moments of joy: When he breaks his fast and when he meets his Lord. And the smell that comes from the mouth of the fasting person is better before Allah than the fragrance of musk."' '

    (Sunan an-Nasa'i, Book 22, Hadith 123)