• aabhajoshi7080 9w

    Broken ones

    The broken ones get hurt,
    They are the ones who are constantly hurting
    Themselves & the people they love.
    For there is none more miserable & unfortunate than those of us who intentionally keep hurting the people we love the most.
    If nothing else, being broken is reason enough for them to hurt...as if the edges after being torn apart crave to come back & fall back in place together but they can't because that's out of their control..it's not something they get a choice in..choice for these people is a myth..they didn't choose to be broken..they didn't choose to keep hurting...they didn't choose to be so damn toxic....& it may not be because of someone necessarily..it can just be out of simple incidents that happen in ones life & effects them & their future...it can be out of something minor that happens too long with them daily from a very young age, or it might happen when things start piling over usual issues, or it might just happen one day when u get so damn tired that u finally break..that u feel weak...and ik..people say things like even broken colors draw well or smthg..but what they fail to understand is the constant pain..that is there & never ending..the pain that will always be there..the moment ur mind is finally free of work...that pain will be sitting there waiting & mentally exhausting you to levels unknown..u don't just move on from stuff like that..it's frustrating..people behave as if we hv a golden key..we twist it n there up n healthy again..no..that does not happen..even if we have the fuckin key..it won't work..
    Being broken is tiring, it hurts..a lot..and it isn't something u can understand if you haven't been thro' it...n even if u hv..it's impossible to feel the level to which an individual hurts..what he feels..people need to understand this that this is not somewhere we make a choice...yes we laugh and we try to have fun..we try to live..but that doesn't mean it's fine..the only solution that lies is acceptance...accepting that we r broken..and finding the courage in ourselves to live with that pain..to fight that battle hard everytime..that we somehow learn to embrace ourselves even if we our broken..that we learn to embrace how strong & amazing we are to be able to have gotten through all that..yes..you maybe broken and they might not be..but that doesn't decide who you are..sure it affects you..but that just shows how sure you are of yourself..and how incredibly beautiful you are to find the strength to fight the same war again & again..n not losing hope..even if we lose..coz in my mind, the fighting is what matters more than anything..so do that..keep fighting & shining..keep smiling even if you are broken...yes..you can still be happy..that's where u have a choice..laugh & smile as much as you can..if life wants to break u..let it come & challenge it..challenge life itself by holding a smile in place and refusing to give in..that's how incredible you are..embrace it✨