• r_a_m_a_n 6w

    Heart want what it wants..

    Well for the VeRy first time I got that guts to says it all.
    To say all my heart wanted to..
    It had been months..we contacted..
    To be honest that feeling of true love will never go away completely..with time you learn to live with that pain..your heart will learn to live with it.
    It hurts it hurts really bad. It stings .There is a pang in the heart every single time you think about them. But this is what you have to fight with ..

    Heart want what it wants..

    You experienced pinnacle of happiness being with them be it their laugh..their cry..their craziness..and their pretty smile that says it all..

    But after being apart all of a sudden all turns down the other way --The nadir of sadnesses..
    It hurts and it gonna hurt always because you still care ..you will care even though you are with her or not your heart will care
    It feels wiered that you still miss them a lot..
    But the fact is your heart still care about them and their happiness this is what true love is all about

    "IF it was just distance and time that would make someone unlove , then love would be an easy thing. Isn't it..!" True love really never fades away even if it's one sided..