• qaynaat 5w


    for a long time now,
    the nights have been missing

    and all the hours have been bright,
    and stellar- oh, how marvellous-!

    (Do not you remember
    those perfect summer days- !)

    And all the short,
    half- vermin of the nights-

    shadowy, and soaked
    and misty,- dissipated

    Wearing golden dancer's bells
    And swinging jaw- wide teethed grins

    have filled the empty spaces
    with sonorous- golden- music and rhythm-

    For I followed in their trails
    and asked for the whereabouts

    of darkness-
    my own-

    They took me by my hand,
    and led me-

    to serene- and breezy-
    soft mornings-

    each day- creep
    just a little nearer to the arc; they said,

    I would find the wild heart
    of our grave nights- beloved dark

    in the derelict core
    of a bronze looming sun-

    Whirling lashes - she there-
    aflame- more than ever-

    in her aboriginal element-
    perfect- inert- orb-

    more content
    than she's ever been-

    and found-

    in the severe gravity-
    buried void concocting history

    to emanate brightness-

    Brilliance that dies
    preserved in fossils-

    and debris-

    in the flawless skies,-

    for what- we-
    in the world,

    called brightness- brightness-
    shorter beings

    of the eternal nights-
    knew it all had been-

    only scars
    crescent- scars

    on the ashen face- hurt
    of corpses- our longest nights---

    now lost- forever
    is - - -bright. - - -