• iceberrykush 9w

    I regret a lot of things.
    It's a big reason why I write.
    I need to put it in a book
    so I can keep it out of sight.

    Those that read should know,
    in case they stumble on my work.
    That there is a sick irony
    scribbled amid this murk.

    I can't cope with all the guilt.
    So it gets spilt in how its spelt.
    Skewing letters into slander
    because of how I felt.

    The irony is I regret
    tainting her memory.
    She asked me to forgive.
    Tried her best to fight for me.

    I communicate concern
    like the fault is not mine too.
    As if hate helps me forget
    the things that we went through.

    She is kind and compassionate.
    She has a beautiful soul.
    Her grace made me feel safe.
    Her affection made me whole.

    She's so much more then I deserve.
    This is not a myth.
    I am sorry I defamed
    what I fell madly in love with.

    ©Joseph Doig