• jasondulac_slampoet 36w

    Dog Eat Do World

    Hit me when I’m standing. Hit me when I’m down. Fuck it I’ll hit myself when your not around.

    Cause I’m just a punching bag for people to release there anger. I don’t give a damn and even if I did it wouldn’t matter.

    Cause as long as I’m quite I don’t have any rights. If I don’t stand up and take action I’m not fit to fight. I hide behind my pen and paper and write words that will take action.

    But unless there read they mean nothing people can just burn them or scrap them.

    Cause literal stuff don’t mean shit anymore. Kids don’t read books they either play video games if there lucky or grow up in a street war. Kids learning early it’s a dog eat dog world.

    It’s fight or flight. You don’t have any rights. You just do drugs have sex and try to say your living in the lime light.

    But you don’t know a good life if it bit you in the ass. You’ve been going through hell since you where born. There’s no going back. STOP!

    Wait a minute take a step back. Everyone has the right to make there own decisions. Don’t get caught playing someone else’s game cause now your not winning.

    You can be what you want to be. You can do what you want to do. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Take your life in your own hands and live it to your satisfaction. Be the person you want to be. Go on and set yourself free.