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    A dusty bundle of Photographs
    Fell off, while arranging the old almirah
    Shattered, sprinkled on the floor
    With few cassettes and a camera.

    Betwixt those pictures of trips,
    horse rides, long drives and friend groups,
    I discovered an old memory photo
    Brought it forward and gave a look.

    My mind's eye recalled the reflection of the journey,
    You were taking yourself off to another city.
    I accompanied you, for this was our last
    Night aglow with street lights, at around nine fifty.

    Every second of that night had an imprint in my mind
    Every word of goodbyes, had my tears in them.
    Waiting if somebody would stop you from departing,
    Still I greeted your departure but inside I condemn.

    Your departure left me brooding
    In front of the hearth, with coffee on the table,
    The days of togetherness were ephemeral
    The memories of those journeys were only eternal.

    Later I comprehend, why you preserved,
    The silliest of memories in those slim papers
    Keeping them as souvenirs of our friendship,
    Lullaby of our merry days each whisper.
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