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    Unconditional love
    part 8
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    "Situation makes people behave differently ". I was sad about my character who chosed kk instead of my love for many reasons . But after a month kk starts to change , he doesnt had time for me, the one who talks continues start to avoid . Then only i realize that as my love no one else accept my madness. Then i too stop texting him,but he made a regular intervel chats . One day i blocked him because the revival that i made a mistakes as chosing my love as option . Then days passed by . One fine day morning , i have seen a post in facebook that kk and brother were engaged to thier beloved ones, i was sad . Its not becuase he was engaged to one but he doesnt said a word to me . My mind asked :why should he inform me about his personel event? . I asked him why didnt he told ? But his answer was :i didnt found worth to tell about ! I was shuttered. I gave laugh . I thought him as my best friend but he didnt . I start to ignore him completely . Days passed , one day he messaged me that is am angry at him ? I said i was busy with my studies project works and all. Days again passed .....i never look to his profile ,change the contact name , no access to my status . After few more days , he messaged i replied late.And the days of hatred started i think . The reality of my decision were i dont want to loose anyone in my life not even a single persona ..... I believe everyone has importance , one day they might have a need or help from me even if i didnt get any in return .