• joan53 5w

    I spotted a creature for the very first time
    It had an enormous size head
    It stood erect and walked in certainty
    Its nose was always slightly elevated
    The creature could be condescending
    Or whose opinion was as if fact
    Owing to its feeling of high intelligence
    And its glossy bossy attitude
    Though I seen it many times
    Wanting to see the good in others
    As though they were always good
    But life has a way of opening your eyes
    We might see we are all teenagers
    Pride goesth before the fall
    And that's the way it is for us all
    Life can take the starch out of us
    Bring us down to earth where truth hits
    Hits us square between the eyes
    If we are lucky, will learn it the first time
    We float in the same delusional boat
    All playing captain at the helm
    Thinking we are smarter than another
    Because of clothes we were not born in
    Living in homes we did not build
    Walking roads we did not pave
    Collecting facts others discovered
    But did not create
    Often we do not know how to behave
    Like the creature we pretend to be
    Maybe by the time we are ninety-three
    We will learn to sail that boat straight
    Straight back to God who patiently awaits