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    My poetry basked
    in roads of bygone
    Night sparkled in neon dreams
    Of nostalgia, so golden
    Colours giggled in swings of fun
    Touching azure welkins
    and green fields of dazzling dawn
    Bubbles of life bursted
    with daffodils and effervescence.

    My treading since then ,
    a jocund ride
    when childhood crooned highest high
    Dolours of life played hide and seek
    Mom scolded but we danced in streets of melodies
    Brother and I played in sand dunes
    Erranding in tireless feet in rustic tunes.

    Now, here I'm
    Stranded in crossroads
    of infinite mayhem
    Love seems like waves of ocean
    Rhythm and poetry conflicted with life
    Sun sets after every sunrise
    Truth reveals even if darkness prevails
    Let wisdom flow even if rivers dry
    In scorching sun.