• jewel_m 10w

    A poem collaboration with a special friend of mine--Faith Coronel

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    An Imaginary Paradise Where I Waited

    I opened a door to a paradise,
    it was filled with people who were all nice.
    Birds flying around the forest,
    and the river flowing as its finest.
    It was all a beautiful scenery,
    inside my paradise so vibrantly.

    So I wandered in this paradise of mine,
    and noticed you under those trees of pine.
    I walk towards you,
    and a grin was made after I was blue.

    We set up a plaid cloth on the ground,
    and had picnic with the birds' sweet sound.
    Then we realized it's time to go,
    to leave the forest before the the moon will show.

    We rode a red bike with a basket on the front,
    and you handed me a sweet blueberry croissant.
    You opened the gate and I stood at the door,
    I said, "Go home now, the rain might pour."

    You told me, "We'll go there again tomorrow."
    I patiently waited for you, as there appeared a rainbow.
    I thought it was a good sign,
    and told myself "It's gonna be fine."

    I still waited the day after,
    and even prepared pancakes made of batter.
    The sun started fading,
    and the stars started shining.
    The birds were already tired to hum,
    but still you're not here, you didn't come.

    Time passed by and realized I'll just go by myself,
    Go and walk through the forest without anyone's help.
    Just for people like you, who are always remembered by us,
    who are always forgotten.