• destinylove 5w

    I love you but you love her

    You mean the world to me but I know you dont feel the same. I do everything I can just to see a smile on your face but I see nothing but sadness in your eyes. If I was able to be whatever she means to you I would. It hurst to see you smile and laugh when you talk to her. My heart says one thing that I should be here for you but my mind says it hurts. I want to be the one you love the one you want to hold and care for. But you have her wanting the same. Listening to you and her talk makes me think of when we first started talking. Makes me miss that part of our relationship. I feel that I did something wrong something to mess everything up with us. I know I am dumb and I know I am not the best to talk to in person I feel like we always talked better through text. I hate it I miss the cuddle and you coming over just to take a nap I miss that part of us