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    This is rest of 20th chapter of blank Cinderella series. This series is about to end, what are your views about the novel?? Tell me in comments below.

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    Rest of chapter 20

    "What happened?? Tell me" Ashi asks. I am still crying. "I am late Ashi. I am late" I mutters. I shouldn't tell her anything. Anirudh don't want anyone to get to know about this. Just he and Dr. Jandial know about this. Dr. Jandial, right. I should visit him and ask him to do something. I gets down the bed and moves out of the room. I bumps into the door and opens it. "What are you doing??" Ashi asks. "Just give me my purse and call a cab" I says. My throat is now hurting because of all the crying. It feels like all my feelings are choking my throat to get out but I can't let them. "But why??" Ashi asks. "Just do what I told you to" I shouts. More and more tears rolling down my cheeks.
    "No man. You can't go in there. Please try to understand" the receptionist says for the fifth time. "Please, let me go. It's very important" I says in my voice which is now rough because of crying straight for one hour. I was afraid that I would tear up here too but there are no tears left to cry in my eyes anymore. My eyes are dry now. "But mam" "What is happening??" a male asks intrupting the receptionist. "Sir, this blind girl wants to meet you. I told her many times that she cant but she is just not listening" the receptionist says. "Do she have an appointment??" the male voice asks. "I have to meet Dr. Jandial" I says. "I am Dr. Jandial but it looks like you don't have an appointment" Dr. Jandial says. "I have something to ask about Anirudh" I says. The doctor didn't utter a word for a while as if he is shocked. "Come with me" he says finally. The receptionist helps me and make me sit on a chair. "Which Anirudh are you talking about??" he asks after receptionist leaves. "Anirudh Sharma" I answers. "How do you know about Anirudh?? He told me he didn't tell anybody about his disease" the doctor says. He didn't. He should have but he didn't. "What is he suffering with doctor??" I asks ignoring his questions. "Glioblastoma" the doctor says. "What type of disease is this??" I asks. The doctor tells me everything about the disease. This is worse than I thought it would be. Only one question is in my mind now. "Can there be a miracle?? Is there any way to treat this??" I asks. I want to hear the answer but not the one I think he is gonna say. "Some says there are miracles, some says there aren't. But in the end, at a desperate moment like the one you are facing, anyone can just pray for a miracle and wait for it. So that a slight of hope at least can be given at a desperate moment,a miracle must exist. But miracles are miracles because they aren't common. I am sorry but I don't think you should even pray for a miracle now" he says. "But he is willing to live. He should given a chance" I says. "Sorry but there's no hope for him" he says. "Anticipating that tomorrow will be different to me that's what hope is. In that sense Anirudh is the most helpful person I know. He shows me a different time of him whenever I see him" I says. I can't let this happen. Even if I will not be able to save him, I want to at least stay beside him. I gets up and leaves the room. I takes my phone out of my purse and dials the director's number. I clears my thought for a while and puts the phone on my hear. "Hello sir. Sorry for disturbing but I have to re-record some things with Anirudh. Can you tell me where is he staying" I asks.
    'We love each other so much, we struggle.
    We love each other so much, we're hurt.
    We love each other so much, we swallow our emotions.
    Love always gives you unexpected endings...