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    What Is HAPPINESS (?)

    When A Little Kid Accepts one
    Chocolate From You And You gave
    Them Lot's Of And The Smile
    Come On Thier Face It's called

    When You Never Celebrate Your
    Mother's Birthday And One B'day
    She Was Sleeping And At 12:00 p.m.
    You Give Surprise,,.And The Smile
    Come On her Sleepy Face It's Called

    When Your Father Never Except
    More Percentage From You And
    You Top In Class��...And The Smile
    Come On Shocked Face It's Called

    Once A Night You Come From Work
    And You Take A Chocolate Cake for
    Your Sister And The Smile
    Come On Cute Face It's Called

    In Life Give Your Family A
    Small Happiness....
    Because It's Small For You
    But It's very Big Reason To
    Make Them Happy ��

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