• rakshithareddy 22w

    The world looks beautiful when you are blue. You prefer to lock yourself up and get lost in the world of shadowiness. From there, you begin to sniff the beauty of being grief-stricken. You begin to search for light in the darkness and open the window to gaze at the vault of heaven. You close your eyes and lay ahead your face to sense the kiss of cool breeze that strikes your face. Your eyes spontaneously catch up the sight of those tiny dots in the sky. You begin to count the number of stars even if you were never a number-person previously. You fall in love twice with the outrageous silence around you that you want to tie it up to your back and never let it go. You see the moon and think why that magnificent pearl is placed several miles away from you. You feel like asking someone to bring it down  for you. You would even want to kill your entire span of life amidst the sky and darkness. You begin to feel that the sky took you in its arms all this while, stars smiled at you and silence gave you a voice.