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    observation of Indian middle class, in funny way

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    Middle class

    So if you want to be a middle class,

    1)Take one polithine bag,
    Put a second one in it,
    You can add more than one,
    Now take all of them
    and put in a bigger bag..
    Store it assuming that
    Third world war can be started any time..
    And we can't afford
    shortage of polithine bags..

    2) when your clothes are
    Too dirty to wash
    And not so good to store in cupboard
    Coz You wore them once but
    you can still wear them,
    Put them on the chair
    Coz chairs are not just for seating..

    3) purchase a nice set of crockery,
    Specially tea cups
    "Preserve" them for guests
    And it's not compulsory
    To serve the guests with them..
    But don't let your children touch them