• regan_woodcrest 23w

    Perhaps the more I show you. The less I have to hide. I played the cloud game today. Alone. Mind drawing w white fluffy nature shapes. It was a tie. Free floating. Thought patterns like a wet map of the blueness of possibility. What are you scared of? I mean really fucking afraid of? I don’t think I am scared of anything anymore. Mmm..Maybe, fear of rejection. But I been through that. Standing tall. Living. Creating. Drinking Coke Zero at 10am. 14 years no alcohol. I’ve worked hard. Authority? Not scared. Burning my fingers on a stove twice in a row? Nope. Being pulled over in the same spot multiple times? I’m a pro. Living paycheck to paycheck? I practice patience now. Misspelling a werd. Nope. Being bored? Are you kidding me? I drink from the idea fountain all morning. Used to be scared of sitting quietly in a chair w my own thoughts. I enjoy that now. Make time for it. What are you afraid of? Finding out there is no God? Or that she had a sense of humor all along. The car door opens. I stop writing in my head. Sweet! An Ice cream sand which! Thanks! I was SCARED you would forget.