• seyams 10w

    A love not chosen

    It was always simple to laugh at the loser,
    Even mocking at him is so simpler,
    So delightful watching the entertainer,
    Clowns tragic tale was always someone's dinner.
    Though he carried all the ways his tears,
    Except love nothing he fears,
    Mockery never caused him weaker
    His smile was only his answer,
    Love for the dust and the air
    All that he wanted to love his profiteers,
    Sometimes they claimed to be dearer
    Other times they were the same backstabbers, Though his love was destined to last forever, He had nothing to fear ever...
    Because all those who were the illusionist,
    Never stood he is not a loner
    He is much more of him,
    he was their entertainer.