• novanogravity 24w

    The lips parted but the teeth did not
    Groggy clouds unfold themselves
    like foster children emerging from
    clever hiding places
    They have been
    Split apart
    Crushed together
    Beat to death
    Shaken alive
    Cold on the outside
    Warm at the core
    Rubbed at the edges
    Bleeding at the sides
    The wind walked away with
    both hands shoved deep in its pockets
    Whistling a familiar tune
    Kicking loose rocks down the street
    Swallowing the debris
    I stared into the sky
    Right hand over bibled heart,
    God as the witness
    The rain, as it never and always does,
    Came tumbling out of nowhere
    Straight and narrow
    The soggiest ribbons in the sky