• elocaso 12w

    Let me go

    Don't make me stay
    I am not feeling well lately
    I realized that I'm not me for so long
    So I need to go to find myself
    I need to go on search of me
    You are best thing ever happened to me
    But I have my own struggles
    If I don't go for now I will regret later
    If I stay, definitely loose myself completely
    We promise we will help each others to grow ...
    And recently again I am falling in love
    from which I kept running
    again I reached in that zeal
    and I failed this puzzle before..
    I can't do it anymore
    and you aren't ready to make things work ... Let's leave all to destiny
    Keep moving to our own direction
    Hope our paths won't cross
    because  I won't give up on you
    and you won't be able to accept that
    And again we will complicate things