• heart_of_mysteries 10w

    The Lost Love

    Days of the past have gone forever.
    Emotional connections have lost somewhere.
    Humans are there for humans no longer.
    Love is what we search forever.

    Couples say they love each other.
    World separated them in it's vast worldly matter.
    Time is what they need to spend with each other
    Love is what they search forever.

    Past is where humans loved each other.
    All truth, love and care what they shared.
    Some say it's never going to change forever,
    what if humans don't see what's separating their emotions so far.
    Love is what all search forever.

    If love could be found somewhere.
    Would we take out time for it where,
    no devices, internet, worldly matter,
    Could keep our love separate any longer.
    Love is what everyone needs forever.

    Past used to be a heaven where,
    humans could emotionally connect to each other.
    And all the love, care
    and emotions that they shared
    but none faced duality in behavior.
    Meaning of love has changed forever. 

    Love has different meanings everywhere. 
    Love can happen to anyone anywhere.
    It can't be limited only to couples or friends
    It can be found between humans and nature, 
    birds and animals, child and a mother. 
    Love has infinite secrets if one ever searched with care. 

    If the world separates us from the real love that
    we've searched for so far.
    And we don't value the love that
    we see in someone ever. 

    Are we worthy of the love that we search everywhere?