• anurag39 10w

    The unseen page of my life

    For a long time, one thing has been embedded in me, which often feels like pricking in loneliness. After all, was I wrong or was my thinking wrong which had lost confidence in itself !!
    If a person has the greatest value, then his dream is his AIM. Where people spend their whole lives to get it . If there is some problem in the paths then the paths change but do not let the desire to get to the floor disappear. And It was here that we looked at the floor a little farther, what would change our way, we did not consider ourselves as such, who changed the floor itself.
    After all, it was not known when in reality we started living and the dream flowed in dreams.
    Lastly, due to my principles, I strangled my own dreams, if I had gathered some courage on that day, then it would have never been spoken. But this is also my voice, my idol is my identity.