• the_lyrical_shade 10w

    I came accross a tombstone in the middle of a ruined city and I wondered who was burried under it,
    Is it any mischievous ET or someone famous? Untill my curiosity drives me towards it.
    I looked around and found several people, eyes filled with torment and pain, they were stressed and were injured badly.
    They looked like the common people all wanted to say something, but all of them were silent as if they are unable to speak. The city was as silent as they have reached their Doom.
    I was breathing ashes as if the world was burning. The sky was tinted with red blood stain, while my ears were stumbled with some voices.
    I tried to figure out their origin and looked around. It was comming below from my feet, as I bend my ear towards the ground I heard the voices of people that were burried under the soil.
    The Voices were protesting for humans rights they were fighting for proper health and education.
    They demanded peace and freedom a rapefree world and square meal a day and a secure life for their families.
    But the voices are burried under the tombstone of corruption, where they can do nothing rather than slavery.

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    I walked through the streets of an empty city,
    where I came across a tombstone in the
    middle of the road.