• saili_is_crazy 51w

    I get angry

    I get angry sometimes you know,
    But I don't like showing it.
    I keep it inside till it starts to flow,
    Through my head and starts melting it.

    I get sad sometimes you know,
    It makes my sorry soul moan.
    But I cover it with fake smiles that glow,
    And I face it all alone.

    I get depressed sometimes you know,
    Even ice cream doesn't cheer me up.
    I discuss my problems with the corners you know,
    Who holds my brain through my head and gives it a little shrug.

    I get alone sometimes you know,
    It seems the man in the moon also forgets me.
    Even my shadow runs away you know,
    It tries way to hard to forget me.

    But I get happy sometimes you know,
    I light up the universe.
    I make everyone smile you know,
    But sadness just seems to be my curse
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