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    Hii fellow mirakeeans! So this is my first attempt to write something like a short story or whatever it is. Please comment in what genre it goes��. But hope you like it. I love critics so do correct me wherever you feel it needs to be corrected and share ur views. Enjoy the read ^_^.

    From what I can remember, it all started when I heard a drizzle.

    The pours were thinner than ever but its tinkle had alluded my ears. It lured my orbs to open and they did. I woke up in a foriegn room. It was all murky. Murkier than the nightmares. The only source of illumination and illusion was through the tethered terminals of the window scintillated by the moonlight. The only clarity at the hour was the ticking of the monotonous, old seven-day clock!
    It didn't make any sense to my sane part as to why have I been sleeping like a baby in an unknown shelter. I looked around to find the simplicity of the neat, old boudoir. A bookshelf, an oddly familiar closet- maybe because of its ubiquity, a lamp near the headrest and an old drawing table. Nothing special but then again, what could I be doing in such a customary?
    It was near to the dawn now.I was still slouched on the bed rest when I heard commotion coming straight towards the room. Panic inhaled me stealing my luxurious self to a forbidden lot of emptiness. I thought of hiding my entirety somewhere beneath but the urge to fulfill my curiosity grew more than giving into something to avoid temporary repercussion. By the time the door was unlocked, I was out of the bed, standing erect in full attentiveness as if performing a salutation- waiting for the inevitable. The latch clicked open and I saw a familiar yet an uncanny lady enter, early in her twenties wearing a long petticoat dress with a broom in her hand who had made my eyes widen. But not only because of her strange allure. As she looked around I wondered whether she has noticed me. And then she made a straight eyegaze. It was so sharp that I was of no surety if the lady in question was looking at me or right through me. I straightened up a little more and was about to make my already noticeable presence a bit more recognizable when something I didn't expect had happened. The woman had turned on the light occupying the room and resumed her work. But that wasn't something to be worried about. No, not at all. But the fact that there was no acknowledgement of my presence made me percieve a complication! A rather misconception for intuition I must say. You see, I believe in rationality more often than to make it a faith for me to give into my incommunicado. My line of thoughts was broken by swishing of the labyrinth lines on the floor. I moved a little closer and slowly circled around her. She seemed so focused on the dear labour that one could feel left out. And so did I yet perhaps, I felt my analogy was rightfully wrong.
    I saw a calendar hung on the wall. I seized it and froze. The space around me suddenly felt itchy, the glow of the chamber was now frowning at rather for me. The psyche by now had eluded and adorned my head just on it's way to pacify me down. I had read about strange things happen to people, it felt as if my time has come.
    After getting zeroed down for a few moments, I gained my stealth. It had started making sense. The dimensions of the bed - still unchanged made a glow, the closet was not just another common fashion and the woman in the room was not just some uncanny resemblance.
    I went towards the drawing table full of memories. It had a paper clawed down to it folded in two. I opened it to see the scribbled words:

    The words echoed in my mind and I woke up from my deep slumber. I was on a hospital bed, albeit a little startled but steady, with the syringe equipped to my hand adding the saline into my system. I looked around to see that irrevocably familiar silhouette slept her way down as a reason to my undue laziness. Glancing towards her, I smiled a bit just when she stirred and was summoned by the living angel.
    She said," Oh! So you have finally given a rest to your sleeping contest."
    I chuckled and asked, " What happened?"
    " Why? Don't you remember overloading yourself with bulk of that work of yours?" was her witty-sarcastic response.
    I sighed. After pausing for a minute, "I won't trouble you of such deeds again. I'm sorry", my apology was outspoken.
    There was now a senile smile adorned on her wrinkled face, the lines of worry slowly departing. The curve of her lips were now a little bit more high, close enough to say it had turned into a smirk.
    She graced me with her as usual satire further," You better be or else the freedom of speech is all what you will crave for." I looked at her a bit astounded. She looked at me with that smirk still visible. And then we both broke into a good laugh. She caressed my face and went to get the Doc.

    I took my phone from the side stand. It screened, Dec 23, 2018.
    I pondered back to my dream.
    The calendar was encrypted with the year 1990.
    The closet was the same which was now in our house for it was the gift of my Grandma.
    The drawing table belonged to my late uncle with whom I used to practice sketching in my juvenile days.
    And the lady in my vision was none other than my mother in her age of prettiness, the one who is still beside me.
    It was really wholesome for a dream as I had traversed into a memory that was not of my own. Perhaps my...

    My reverie was stolen by the doc who had came back with my mom. He was here to give me a discharge while enquiring if it pained anywhere.
    By then I had a smile plastered on my face, probably reflecting some maturity and said," No sir. It doesn't hurt really, because I have learnt a new memory. " From a dream, a different dream.


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