• thebonggirl 35w

    The incredibility has increased
    The respect is shining
    Because of the deeds of few countrymen
    The entire patriotism is hiding
    Pride of being an Indian is gone
    The new generation is here after all

    The women aren't safe
    Nor Hindu women nor Muslim women
    Nor Sikh women nor Christian women
    But are women killed for their religion or caste?
    Yes they are,no doubt our society is developing too fast
    Developing minds,just a backward progress
    Distinction has its limit and now the line of limit is no more visible

    A girl so small had no idea what was going to happen to her at all
    The place where the orange and red flags flies high
    Became the place of the terror,became the place of fright
    'Evil can't enter the holy temple'
    But how did those demons killed the angel who wasn't a culprit?
    In the name of international rivalries,LoC,politics and communalism
    The country's upcoming generation will soon fall back to atheism
    The god was there,it happened before him
    The crying,the screaming
    He must have heard all of it
    But is there anything that he did?

    Land of cultures,preserve it well
    Land of diversity,don't make that a hell
    Justice we want,without any distinctions
    Women we are,not a piece of religious representations