• scarlet_hopes 10w

    Chase your dreams they said,
    still eyeing through the end.

    It was never easy,
    every step I take seems so heavy.

    Tried to rest;
    being unbothered by my distress.

    You came,
    in the middle of the game.
    Thinking you were just a mere distraction,
    gripping, never letting go of my determination.

    Beating myself up,
    just to get to the top.

    In myself I trust, now I'm doubting.
    Been afraid of failing, now I'm drowning.

    My world is shattering;
    I feel like isolating.
    I'm on my knees begging,
    to get to the beautiful ending.

    Will I ever still be amaze?
    going through this confusing maze.
    I stopped,
    letting everything flop.

    Crying myself to sleep,
    I know I'm being weak;
    Hopeless and drowned,
    will I ever be renowned?

    Again, you came.
    No, you stayed, and you're still the same.

    All this time I felt so alone,
    being disowned.
    Everything you've shown is telling me,
    "You'll never have to walk alone."