• chai_neek 6w

    They say the other has to love you in your language
    But what if I speak it as badly as I do English?!
    There I said it, Love is easily what I learned last.
    And honestly, I dont even know if I passed this class yet
    I can say I know what makes me mad...
    But it dont make me mad every time
    I know how it makes me feel
    But I lack the words to express it line for line.
    I'm trilingual when it comes to love
    My first love language was competition
    I just wanted to be loved as much as people loved my sibling. He didnt have to dish it to receive it and those became my wishes.
    My second language was neglect
    In the first phase, this is the one that made me want to please
    Scared to lose the tiny light in my life shined by those I'd try to appease.
    In the second phase, I'd pray them away from me, it may sound dark to you, but if no one's there then noone has to leave.
    My third love language is repair
    And though the language is way different, the principles remain. I no longer speak the first two fluently, but there's words I'd never want to exchange. Competition is at a higher stake now because the prize is finally me. Neglect is a game of choice now, Know I'll ALWAYS chose E.