• nk3001 6w

    I should have thought about the consequences we'd face
    I should have caught its flaws behind its grace...
    Yeah!! At times (mostly) I madly follow my heart
    inspite of knowing, it'd hurt me gently
    just as a naive rabbit would dart
    I'd happily leap into what feels right, why am i so silly!!...
    Somehow I always knew
    that it'd hurt YOU & me too
    perhaps few things are meant to be due
    about which nothing we can do...
    But whatever happened & whatever I did
    I don't regret even a bit
    Yeah!! What needed to be told , I cowardly hid
    I should've unveiled it, I admit...
    But now, in life there are more imp. & major issue
    which need to be paid heed to, true?...
    We'd end up this way
    I was frequently warned by my soul
    But... it's completely okay
    not everything we can control....