• introvertedaccountant 31w

    Acceptance Into Ravishing Anger (2005 Ver.)

    I enter the world of nothingness
    But i can't see any of these progress

    So i start walking
    Try not to talk and do that thing

    But no one appreciates the things we did
    Instead of motivating it, they'll ignore it and make it hid

    I try to live but i just can't...
    The way i don't know is actually what they want

    Pure pain and agony begins to panic
    This scars and wounds couldn't heal with magic

    Sadly, no one knows our pain
    And also reality has on its own gain

    But before i end, let me remind you...
    My heart has been damaged to the things that i've been through

    Do you think it was a breakthrough?
    No, it was my own dark past and crushed memories in 21 years due

    Even though, i'm still crying
    Crying and... and still rejecting by those people who are almost nothing

    Nothing but a useless piece of art
    That torn the world apart

    And before i reached the end of the road,
    Still carrying a tons of load

    Loads that are full of challenges
    Not with a bit of revenge

    To unveil all of it, you have to be patient
    Otherwise, there is no actual content

    Full of blanks, scratches and fragment
    Although, life couldn't be permanent

    Let them be who they really are
    My life has gone too far

    Every color has its own sequence
    Consequence on its own conscience

    I have no role in this place
    That is full of shame and disgrace

    I wish i wouldn't exist
    On this world full of imperialist

    So you could be happy
    But this time, without me...

    Yet, sometimes you should be thankful
    But everything wasn't wonderful