• entanglednerves 37w

    Book of Inebriated Ascetic verse#79

    It's seven in the morning, she's setting up the table as usual,
    Lining up the bottles filled with fresh vegetable and fruit juices.
    It's a daily ritual for her, she wishes to see Health thrive on this street.
    And she'd wait and wait, eagerly hoping there'd be more who'd stop by,
    Ask, taste and eventually gulp that what is fresh, straight out of her farm.
    Instead it's the same old patrons - who'd turn up for a sip of their daily elixir,
    While the rest of em wouldn't settle for a thing that isn't a branded 'Energy drink'.
    One day she'd be gone, one day Health would perish, one day it's gonna be too late..

    - Shivin Varghese Unitholi