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    Chapter 2

    “He is looking taller than the last time. But, Amma how is it possible? It…. It really
    doesn’t make any sense”.
    “He is such a pain in the h**d”, she muttered again.
    “I know right!!! Amma why does he always come at the wrong time?!”

    But, she quickly shushed me and sent me to my room. I was feeling nauseous. My stomach started churning vigorously. I suddenly did not want to go anywhere. It was as though my mother could read my thoughts, she said, “Don’t go to college today. OK? Go get some sleep now. You will be alright when you wake up”. I nodded and laid down on my bed. I could still see him looking at me from the living room. Then, I drowsed away. When I got up that evening, he was gone just like last time.

    He is a bizarre man. It is hard to describe him since he is faceless. He has amazing superpower to change his height whenever he wishes to. His all-time favourite dishes are cashew, coconut, peanut. He loves afternoons because that’s when he can grow the tallest and he feels all the energy inside him. He loves loud noise. Another strange ability he has is that he could only be seen by the person who opens the door when he knocks. I know this sounds insane but unfortunately this is true. I wanted to know more about him. So that evening I decided to ask my mother about this peculiar personality.

    “Amma, tell me more about the person from the morning”
    “You should be asking your dad. I am not the right person to answer this”
    “But why?”, I groaned.
    “Because, the person from the morning has a common history with your father’s

    ~To be continued

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    Chapter 2