• self_believer 22w

    Sometimes I wonder!!!
    Why things just not works according to our wish?
    You know what! I feel so tired from trying to hard.this fucking
    people wont understand us..I think it's our miskates that
    everytime we beg for their attention and love.
    I hate all those mens who does fake love with the girl who is
    just getting mature...
    It's feels like your life is a torture and god did
    Unfair with you
    You blame everything that you see around
    Only crying helps you to heal or feel a bit better
    Or else there is no one who can wipe your tears...I must say
    dont dare to look it for people.. Your hands are enough to
    wipe your tears..
    Some People are devil that what I feel right now
    I hate everything around me.You know what my own health is
    becoming worst in running for the fucking people..Everyone
    says if you do good for others than it would come back to
    you but I feel it's sound good but it isn't? even though I'm
    surrounded by the crowd I feel so alone...my body refuses to
    do work..my eyes burns too hard from hot tears..I feel to tell
    all my concerns but I dont have anyone to say...
    I feel so depressed and thinks of hurting myself which is the
    shit that I think..I feel so regret for not carring for my
    health..Not only mentally but physically also I'm broken...
    I feel ugly sometimes since I know I should not feel that way
    but unforuntaley I do...
    What's wrong with me It's seems like I've lost myself..and it's
    too difficult to bring myself back..I feel like to express my
    feelings..but everytime I tell before understanding it's depth.
    people starts to judge me and tells you should not feel this
    way..be postive..but they never explains how to be
    positive..its enough now!!! I believe now it's my turns. Now I
    will play this game by myself I dont need anyone to pour fake
    love on me even I wont gonna allow as well..let it be..the past
    Is in the past..
    I need to improve my present in order improve my future..I
    wrote this much long just becoz i felt like no one is there to
    whom I could say my feelings then I realised why dont I just
    right what I'm feeling..

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