• sri_dulcet 24w

    I love to break the ice and take initiation to talk,
    but if you call it mad!i give a smile and walk
    I'm just like a mirror who would like to show your way of behaviour and that's done when you peep in and hurt me,
    i walk out of loaded argument not to get rid of it alone,just to take care about relation which is near to its death,
    i love myself more ofcourse only then i can love someone,
    and i don't hate anyone because i have nothing to do with hating, and if you hate me no issue it's something you feel me as your permanent problem.
    and to your problem solving i will be always there to do to the extent possible to me and put my effort to resolve in my possible ways, I'll always be there for you to bring back your lost smiles and reduce your pain.
    I may be straightforward and speak out what i feel but thats something you can really trust because you couldn't get chance of being betrayed or fooled.
    it may hurt you for a moment but your heart becomes stronger as it acts as medicine..
    how much i guide to deal me,
    thats a primary instruction because travelling with me, situations and results of emotions will change the responses and reactions.

    #writerstolli #manual_wt @rambos

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    Every individual is unique
    varying in
    character and nature,
    reaction and response,
    thoughts and acts,
    if you love try understanding them,
    if you have to deal know them.

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