• lifeinpoems_ 45w


    In an ocean full of tins I move
    Manoeuvring from box to box in a box
    From a box I came
    To be put back into one, two, many

    I know not who I am
    But only know I need fit
    To square is my whole being
    And multiply exactly as tins go

    When the waves crash
    leaving every tin sabotaged
    and fearful of being disfigured, misshapen
    The jangling causing electricity ripping ripples apart
    A torrent jostling through the fragile bonds
    Of imagined affinities and imposed sameness

    What follows is an outcry of desperation
    Taken out on those swimming against the current
    Free-floating entities that don't rely on
    the jangling tins or their affinities
    Bobbing and swaying taking in blows
    and moving away, away from the movement

    ^^Bhavati Rao