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    Interacting with different people in our lives obviously we learn how to live differently with their kind of daily life. Never unfortunately or fortunately mislead yourself when they try to correct or praise you. Receive everything in a positive way and think once in twice, why did they do very intensely. In this world there are very very few people who takes us into concern, welcome them and give thanks to almighty for showing his love for through them. Expecting love from neighbors, relatives or any other persons from this world is our fault. In this present world as we are in 21st century, learn to live independently not whoever ask your safeabouts and where abouts are good people. Be unique and go with the flow. You can see people leaving you today who say I will do anything for you and die for you yesterday. Never trust in this world a living or non living being would be perfect and long lasting, think positive and love your life, only yours. People are people who fluctuates with circumstances. Build a character that you mingle with people up-to their conveniency, expectations hurts, only God shows pure love crave for that. This worldly love is of nothing but remain us as ash in holy bodies. You think and compare what all good things that have for fellow beings but don't expect like you want others lives and luxuries just like they are spending each day. We have our own lives, God gives what one should have, if you have everything sufficient you will ask who is God? And boast yourself leaving God aside. This is sin you can't leave God and live your life as you're breathing because you have to build a life that God accepts, not like worldly things. Expect less and live. If a day comes like you have nothing left over but you remain single to answer everything to God and people around you. For your unknown sins, you might face a serious problem that makes your nerves no longer move. What do you do at that point? Will you join someone to help or resolve by your own or die? Pray like no evil can chase to do sins. Move with the world, never crave unwanteldy. Be happy with whatever God gives you in knowledge, power and wisdom. If you fail or people let you to drag in worldly hell accept that your mistakes are very sinful and bear all that if not be ready to die. You can't balance a life with sins and blessings, either live with blessings or keep on dwell in sins. But don't at same time and question God! Pray and obey scripture I will bet you will live to the fullest.
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