• ananya5208 6w

    Oh my devil

    Where are you, please come out,
    I need you the most of in doubt,
    Oh my devil, no need to hide,
    Tell me your suggestion to which I shall abide,
    You should understand, you should know,
    The devil can even be a pal instead of a foe!
    Good over evil never always stands true,
    It is sometimes you-the devil who might advise me what to do?
    Sometimes I might be on your part,
    I shall use your powers to get myself apart!
    Let’s act and not wait for the outcome,
    Some follow you, oh devil! I shall be for once among those some!
    Always on the right path, just for once we should try being wrong,
    The right might come up, let’s just prolong!
    Always the mind, now let’s follow the heart,
    Without saying anymore prayer, let’s start!
    Cheers to the most daring act being supervised by the devil,
    Let’s end this huge, mystic game beyond our level!!