• undeadpoetdespair 6w

    Afterlife Forgiveness

    I can see the death in you
    Corrupting all you thought you knew
    I can see the death in you
    You live after life, as I already do

    Countdown, love on a timer
    Being alive is just the start
    Our love in this life, let's end it
    Our death remains, life do us part

    Married in a cemetery
    Party in ghost and ghouls
    I carried you to the incendiary
    Where we'll both step in, ash love renewed

    This is all that's left for us
    You made our trust into a rose
    You put it on my gravestone
    While pretending our love still grows 

    This is all that can be of us
    You thought the grass greener away from me
    You killed me in your landscape searching
    The grass will be greener when you're underneath

    All is left is the death of us
    I knew this when I saw it in you
    I'll strangle you with my forgivenes
    If i don't just snap your heart, like mine, in two

    You made me unable to love you
    Chances are, we we're living a lie
    Every day you live
    Is every day I die