• bobbycneis 23w

    Carved my heart

    Youll always hold a place in the deepest of my heart, a little spot never to fade that you carved from the start 
    you filled it with laughter and with something so real, the best dream I had lost with how you made me feel 
    you formed it in you and handed it over to me, even though my eyes were open it took my heart to see.
    maybe you think it's gone and that it can't be retraced, but memories that we formed created evidence that won't be erased
    copy as a perfect stencil of what our love has made, every second is to cherish not a moment I would trade 
    real as if they came from a dream the moment when eyes first open, and that completes the revolutions around my world while hoping
    every bit of love molded and everything that you gave, I'll grab forever to hold and in my memory to save 
    what I found in you has left prints across my soul and heart, and those marks have sunk into the deepest loving part.