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    For every question in my heart,
    a solemn answer
    peeked through glass-paned windows
    inside my soul.
    Tonight my feelings are naked,
    laying on the grass
    and basking the moonlight,
    in the hopes to
    count my lucky stars.
    Shallow, but I'm complicated,
    happiness has been overrated,
    tiny pores on my skin
    water the dying light
    inside tunnels of secrets.
    Tonight my eyes dance
    with the last flame
    keeping me alive, to
    count my lucky stars.
    A touch of love, innocence, and craving
    was shattered and replaced by
    hatred, maturity, and repulsion,
    to the eyes that kiss and tell.
    Mourning the loss
    of the colors on my feathers,
    now a peacock with no colors
    I share my dreams with you.
    Tonight my skin is ablaze
    from the last drop
    of hope you give, just so I can
    count my lucky stars.
    Mildly a presence 
    bringing this childish tantrum
    to rest, my heart drum
    gets louder with anticipation,
    a different kind of tension
    clouding my judgment,
    hazing this settlement.
    Doing as I please,
    now step in and give it a taste,
    I'm lonely from the haste
    of my decisions,
    Tonight I want you
    to stay by my side,
    telling me sweet lies, so lets
    count my lucky stars
    with our hearts interlocked.

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    Count My Lucky Stars

    This is an excerpt from my upcoming book 'Count My Lucky Stars'

    (Poem in caption )
    - SAM