• jammers 8w


    Twenty five crept in slowly.
    One minute I was eighteen feeling young and free
    And in the next breath, I'm twenty five leaving my family.

    The image of the twenty five year old woman I had wanted to be
    Is so far from the woman that you see.

    I should feel disappointed
    But instead I feel glee.
    Because if I was anything other than what you see
    Well then I wouldn't be me.

    My beliefs, morals and what I am has helped in this life of God's plan.

    Twenty five has allowed me to grow
    But there's still so much more I need to know
    And I'm learning every day how to do so.

    I never used to put me first
    I'm last on the priority list; doesn't matter if my feelings get hurt

    I've been knocked about
    Kicked down and bruised
    Yet somehow I still managed to pick myself up

    Trying to make everyone happy
    When inside I was screaming "somebody save me".

    I focused so much on loving everyone around me
    I forgot to look internally and love myself completely.

    So when twenty five came along
    I subconsciously knew what I needed to do.

    I fell in love with me
    And it led me to you.