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    Life is nothing but a video game.
    A video game in which you are playing a character.
    You are the brain and soul of the character.
    Your character is the body that you belong in.
    As the game progresses , you get to experience various scenarios , sometimes good and sometimes bad.
    Although the final goal is to reach the end of the video game, the journey is more important than it.
    It's how you play the game , how you make certain choices that lead you to your next checkpoint.
    You have to survive and see what the game has to offer.
    For someone like me, the curiosity of what the future holds keeps me going.
    It gets rough some times and I have a perfect explanation why that happens.
    You see ,when you first start a video game
    It asks for what difficulty level you want to play with.
    Generally the difficulty levels range from
    As it suggests ,
    As the difficulty level rises, so does the number and magnitude of problems.
    Easy mode let's you play an easy life without any major problems.
    Moderate is when you get ups and downs in your life.
    But the hard one, it feels like you are in a constant struggle, and life keeps knocking you down simultaneously.It seems like there is no hope left for you,but yes that's what life is sometimes.
    Now, this difficulty level we get is totally random.
    Some of us get assigned with the easy mode
    They get to lead an easy life
    Some get moderate ,
    But some of the unlucky ones are handed with a hard difficulty.
    With easy mode, people get almost no big problems.
    Only a few people get to live that life.
    They live a life of luxury.
    That is boring, because there's no fun without any adventure.
    That mode is for noobs xd
    Now, if you have any knowledge of video games,
    No weak player chooses hard difficulty,
    It's always the strongest players who go for the hard difficulty.
    It gets tough sometimes.
    Really tough.
    But the strongest player always get through it!
    So ,now the question is ,do you have what it takes to beat the game ?
    Okay, let's rephrase it.
    You have what it takes to beat the game!
    " Wake the fuck up samurai,
    We have a city to burn!"
    - Keanu Reeves , Cyberpunk 2077

    Image credits :- Valve.

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    Life is but a game.
    And I've certainly come to play.
    - Pangolier